The Best Dark Web Links which are not available on Google (and for a Good Reason)

best dark web links 2020

Best Dark websites you won’t find on Google

If you are a frequent internet user, you must have heard about the dark web. The dark web refers to the subsection of the internet that cannot be accessed with the help of search engines. It is just the opposite of deep web which refers to sites that are indexed on search engines and which you can reach out without restrictions. So far as the content of the dark web is concerned, you can find a lot of illegal things there as well like hacked accounts, drugs, etc. That is why it is recommended to use a VPN before accessing the dark web. Here are some of the best Dark Web links which you won’t find on google:


Hidden Wiki of the dark web

The Hidden Wiki is a directory of Websites present on the dark web. You can find various active .onion sites using this directory. Some of the services listed here are completely legal like email relates services. However, some restricted services are also present there which you need to be careful with at the time of opening.

Soylent news

We all know that the mainstream media is very much biased on discussing politics related matter in the country. This is where a site like Soylent news can be beneficial. It is a news aggregator where users can submit stories from around the world. There is no censorship on the site. There is also a forum on the site where you can interact with other members.


Galaxy3 is a dark web-based social network. It is obvious that you will not find your common friends on that social network but there are many experts available. You can find people specializing in computers, medicine, etc. You can also make new friends there or date anyone.

Hidden answers 

There are many question-answer sites present on the deep web but all of them have some common problems like censorship, lack of freedom of speech, and so on. An example of such a site is Reddit which is quite popular but it still has its own flaws. The dark web version of Reddit is Hidden answers where users post queries on different topics, interact, and give advice to each other. One of the biggest merits of Hidden answers is the anonymity it offers.

Mail 2 TOR

Most of the email providers are not trustworthy, they store all the information related to users. For instance, Google even shows ads based on consumer behavior. Mail 2 Tor is an alternate email provider that is popular for its anonymity and thus offers a solution to this problem.