Some people should not use the Dark web – Are you the one?

Some people should not use the dark web - Are you the one

Some people should not use the Dark web – Are you the one?

The dark web is a network of websites that you can access with a particular internet browser. Young individuals may have access to pornography, child dark web screenshots, and drug and weapon websites.

It’s not that you should never access the dark web, and doing anything on the dark web is problematic. Expert people who know the latest technology can easily access it without any risks. Accessing the Dark Web is not illegal altogether. It is, of course, unfair to use it for criminal activities while being anonymous.

It may, however, be much worse and hazardous for new darknet users. Let’s look at a few of the terrible stuff you may encounter on the dark web, as well as why you shouldn’t go on the deep web if you are a beginner.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Dark Web?

1. You may Fall Victim to Exit Scam:

The exit scam is when a seller quits sending things but continues to accept orders and cash. The buyer has little recourse or recompense since the products sold on the dark web are often illegal (weapons, narcotics, etc.) and payments made in Cryptocurrencies. As a result, beginners should avoid accessing the dark web since they may become victims of an exit scam.

2. Crypto Scammers Will Loot You:

If you’re already staying up with the news, you have noticed that cryptocurrency scams are already popular on the surface internet. Scammers utilize the same strategies on the Dark web because of lawlessness, unavailability of any controlling mechanism, and untrustworthy communities. Many marketplaces and sites are there on the dark web where you are likely to get tricked by crypto scammers.

As a result, it should be unsurprising that crypto frauds are much more popular, and scammers might steal your money on the dark web.

Crypto Scammer

3. You will Encourage Various Darknet Hoaxes:

Hoaxes aplenty on the dark web. Nearly all the dark web scamming experts ask you to part up to your cash in exchange for nothing. Humans are clever; thus, hoaxes occur in various shapes and sizes. Some of the frauds are just horrible.

You’ll be out of money if you attempt to make purchases of goods on the dark web and will not get anything in return.

4. You May Fall Victim to Phishing Scam:

We’re all aware of how phishing schemes operate on the regular internet. And if you don’t have a good knowledge of computers, you should take care of yourself. You could become a target of a phishing attack.

Because of how site URLs are displayed on the dark web, it’s easy to fall, victim. In some instances, the fake sites are proxies for the actual locations rather than copying their aims. It implies they may use man-in-the-middle attacks to steal or manipulate data as it goes through the fictitious website.

5. You may be Penalized for Browsing Illegal Pornography:

Mainly on the dark web, there is a lot of illegal pornography. Pornographic material and accompanying child abuse networks are undoubtedly the most severe problem. The FBI notably discovered a significant child porn website on the dark net in 2015.

After everything was said and done, the FBI had hacked over 1,000 devices and arrested three guys. And it’s not only child pornography that’s a concern. Content that falls into a legal gray area, such as revenge porn, is a significant issue that authorities attempt to address. In case you don’t know much about it, you might be penalized for viewing Illegal Pornography.

6. You will get framed in Terrorist activity:

Anti-terrorism officials have discovered countless examples of terrorist organizations utilizing the darknet to organize their acts. In October 2015, Rawti Shax found a dark web presence. Following the 2015 Paris attacks, that organization took control of an ISIS-supporting website and replaced it with a Prozac advertisement. So, you’ll be implicated in terrorist actions on the darknet if you are a beginner.

How can beginners safely browse the Dark Web?

Below are the tips any beginner can follow:

1. Don’t use Tor for torrenting:

Tor may seem to be the ideal tool for downloading and uploading data through BitTorrent and many other peer-to-peer connections as a vital privacy tool, but it is not! Transmitting your actual IP address to the torrents server bypasses Tor’s security and compromises your anonymity. This act enables them to identify you if it’s not encrypted. They may then use malware to attack you or even inform the relevant people.

Beginner Guidance

2. Don’t Increase the size of the Tor window:

Because maximizing Tor browser windows enables sites to estimate the size of your display. You should maintain the browser window at their default size. When paired with other information, it may give the “additional” data sites required to recognize you.

3. Don’t mention your actual email address:

If you sign up for a site using your actual email address, it’s pointless to use Tor to remain anonymous. It’s the equivalent of wearing a paper bag on your head with your address and phone number written on it.

4. Don’t Use Google to search the internet:

Because Google isn’t renowned for protecting its users’ privacy, utilizing it under Tor is self-defeating. When you use Tor to search Google, you’ll be bombarded by CAPTCHAs that require you to confirm you’re not a robot. We propose DuckDuckGo, its ‘Onion’ variation, or Startpage. They all come pre-installed with Google as Tor’s default privacy search engine.

5. Disable ActiveX and Java in any available network settings:

Potential attackers are infamous for examining and exploiting these frameworks. You’ll like to minimize this danger since you’re going across a network full of risks.

The Bottom Line

Although the darknet has a bad connotation, there is still good material to find if you understand where to search. The ‘Dark Web’ dangers are more than the scams a user may encounter on the surface internet. Pornography, obscene photographs of kids, and sites offering drugs and weapons may be available to teenagers. Sex offenders are more likely to utilize the Darknet to discuss ‘strategies’ to harm young kids. It’s also more difficult for authorities to investigate internet misbehavior on the ‘Dark Web.’ If you’re a newbie, stay away from it.