What is the dark web and how dark web sites work

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As you all know the internet is a very big place which you cannot even guess. You only know about Facebook, Google, BBC player, and Amazon, but do you know what the conspiracy is behind all these websites. What happens in the dark web or deep web is a hidden corner. With the assistance of Tor, you can run Dark Web and Deep Web. . But do you really want to go to this type of website? Let’s see what happens on this type of website. Dark web links are very important to know about and we’ll discuss this later in this article.

What is the dark web?

It is a kind of word that is a collection of websites that are behind hidden networks and are not found in any search engine in a browser or in any browser. Most websites with dark web hide their identity with the help of Tor encryption tool. You additionally should realize that we use Tor to conceal our character and work. With the help of Tor, you can also hide your location and show your location elsewhere, it will then show your location in another country. This Tor is also similar to a VPN service. At whatever point we run a site with the assistance of Tor, it additionally runs a similar way a site runs in web indexes like Google. To run any website of Dark Web, you have to use Tor because without this you cannot go to any website which comes under the category of Dark Web.

Whenever you run such a website in Tor, it will change many types of IP addresses repeatedly, after that it will run that website. It has magnetite in many layers so that it can protect the website and keep the identity hidden and we can easily run the website without any trouble.

In this way, we can visit the website of Dark Web but it is very difficult to find and work with those sites that are working behind them. In the event that you inadvertently slipped and somebody became acquainted with your data and personality then it very well may be very troublesome and risky for you.

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What is deep web?

Deep web is called a type of web page that cannot run normal search engines. Therefore, what happens in the deep web includes the dark web, it keeps full accounts of all users’ databases, webmail pages, registration web forums, etc.

This type of website is restricted on our search engine, we cannot run it with a normal search engine.

Such as passwords which are used for security in banks and different places are also behind the dark web so that no one can detect them.

What is dark internet?

This is a kind of word that refers to an example of a network, database, website, etc. that we cannot run from the normal Internet.

For this reason, every site has a piece of information, which is a kind of private data. Such words Dark Web and Deep Web are utilized exclusively by papers to make news fresh so that individuals discover these things very perilously. . The dark internet is a ripe place where scientists keep their data hidden.

How dark web sites works?

Almost all illegal activities are carried out by Dark Web. For example, you can buy credit card numbers, various drugs, guns, fake money, stolen membership credentials, hacked Netflix accounts, and software that can help you crack the passwords of others’ computers. Through the dark web, many attractive offers are also in front of us, such as buying login credentials to a $50,000 U.S. bank account for $500. For just $600, you can get a counterfeit $20 bill of $3,000. Buy seven prepaid debit cards, each with a balance of $2,500 and a price of $500 (including express delivery)

Sometimes, you will see such an attractive offer, the “lifetimeNetflix premium account price is $6. It is said that such discounts can hire hackers to attack your computer for you. You can purchase a username and password. In any country/region in the world, a black net is considered criminal activity, and the website is operated illegally. If we look at some of the advantages of the dark web, we will feel that not everything is illegal, and the dark web also has a legal side. For example, you can join a chess club or Black Book, which is a social network called “Tor’s Facebook.”

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How to use Dark Web? How to run the dark web?

To use the dark web, everyone must follow some steps. To use the dark web, you must follow the steps below. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download Tor Browser-First, you must download Tor Browser from the official website (Windows PC) on your computer.

Step 2: Install, click “Connect”-install Tor browser immediately after downloading. Then open it and click the “Connect” button.

Step 3: Change the IP to the TOR server-Now, after clicking the connect button, the process will take some time, then it will connect you to the TOR server and the local IP will also change.

Step 4: Check your IP now-now, after connecting, the Tor browser will open, and if you want to check the network settings to see if the IP has changed, click Test Tor Network Settings. The best dark web links are right here.

Step 5: Configure and access Dark Web-Now, you will see here the new IP (Internet Protocol) that will use anonymous surfing. You will see that the Tor browser is ready to browse the dark web. To surf .onion sites on the dark web, you need to know their URLs before you can visit them.

Step 6: Visit the dark website-if we talk about Facebook, then friends here, you will find a .onion tor website similar to Facebook, you can surf Facebook on the dark web by typing this URL in the Tor browser. But don’t record your real Facebook ID on the website.

Do you now know how Dark Web works? Is browsing the Dark Web dangerous? Now, we will introduce you to some secrets about the dark web and dangerous stories about the deep web.

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Dark web user stories

The story I wrote is about people who use the dark web. They don’t know what bad consequences the dark web will bring. The dark web is used unintentionally or deliberately, what they experience is their story, and they share their experience with the world. Now, I write their story in a short way-

Story 01: Clutch’s story (from Reddit) After running the Tor browser, someone went out to eat a burger, and when he came back, he saw someone sent his photo to eat a burger. This is what happened to Reddit User Clutch.

Story 02: BigwiseGuy55’s story (from Reddit) I once commented on someone’s video, and then when I watched the video again, I saw someone replied to my comment, and they used my last name as the first name. The name was also written, but I was rarely inspired. The comment time looks horrible, and I am watching the comment time.

Story-03: The author of this article once talked with someone on Facebook. The chatter asked me for something, and when I refused, the chatter on the other side put all the information about me in front of me. That made me very scared.

Story-04: IAmASharkfin story (from Reddit) When I run Tor browser, I see an advertisement that is a killer using Bitcoin.

Story-05: Semper_Fi_Cerberus story (from Reddit) This is my third visit to Dark Web when I was looking for a website. I found this person’s homepage and saw a link on the sidebar that said “On the dark web between reporters and newcomers”. I clicked on it, hope it is interesting and useful information. A new page is opened and the picture starts to load. Thank God for letting me move slowly because there is only an old Asian man inside with blood on his chin. I immediately closed the tabs before the other loaded images. To this day, I still want to know what the whole picture is, but fortunately, I can’t see it at the same time.

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Dark web needed

Not every dark website uses Tor. Some people use an I2P-like service such as Silk Road Reloaded. But its method is the same as it is in Tor, in the same way, it opens the website.

The user has to use the tool correctly so that it can go to the URL and IP address to which it has to go. In any case, indeed, you ought to be very much aware of this entire work with the goal that you can utilize it appropriately.  For example, a site called Silk Road is also one of the websites of the Dark Web.

This website is used to buy and sell dangerous things like drugs etc. But yes there are some valid ways of using this type of website. Some people also use the dark web to talk to or contact people living outside the world.

Close sources have uncovered that US and UK criminal investigators utilize the Dark Web to convey. The Dark Web made headlines in August 2015 when it was reported that 10 GB of data from the Ashley Madison Web site had been stolen and hacked into the Dark Web.

This site was for them, who were exhausted and angry with their spouses, at that point this site was made for those ladies to swindle them. Programmers took the information of this website and told its proprietor that in the event that this webpage isn’t shut, all its information will be transferred on the web. After this, the users of Ashley Madison started getting blackmail that either you give bitcoin of $ 2500 or else your honor will be taken away in front of everyone. Then in 2015, the UK government created a cybercrime unit that could handle the dark web and get rid of such crime and shut down child pornography sites.

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