What Is the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web Links?

Deep Web vs Dark Web Links

After spending years browsing the internet (also called the world wide web) without almost seeing the same page twice, the astonishment remains: is the web so wide? The answer may surprise you even more: the web is nearly 500 times wider than the one we have access to on a daily basis!

Here, we offer you an expedition into its depths, to understand, to a reasonable extent, what is on the Deep Web and Dark Web Links.

Before we differentiate between the deep web and the dark web, let us take little time to define the web we are used to, the surface web.

The Surface Web can be defined as internet content that can be accessed by traditional search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.). It therefore includes all referenced sites indexed by search engines. For example, when you type “How to bake a cake” on Google, you will find the direct link to the cake baking information page.

Now, let us head straight to deep web and dark web. These uneasy terms are often heard in computer and web jargon. But do you know what is the difference between deep web and dark web?

Best dark web links

The dark web

The dark web is the term used to identify the network of websites on the darknet. You can’t access dark web links like you access the rest of the web. To be able to enter it, you must use dedicated software or configure your browser in a specific way. The best known of these tools is the TOR browser. Through the TOR web directory, you will be able to gain access to specific websites on the dark web which are not available anywhere else.

Dark web links

The dark web exists to preserve the freedom of the Internet and give Internet users control over their data. It is estimated to be used by around 2.5 million people daily., located mainly in the USA and Europe where the protection of privacy is a matter of concern.

The dark web is the dark part of the web, since it is on it that we find a lot of illegal sites, devoted to criminal practices. Black markets, drugs, cybercrimes of all kind of Illegal activities are going on.

But not all dark web activity comes down to crime. It is above all a place where alternative movements can develop without worrying about the excessive censorship of certain countries, for example- China, Iran etc.

The Deep Web

The deep web is often confused with the dark web, but in reality, they have very little in common. Far from being the refuge of Hackers or criminal activities, the deep web is the part of the web that is just not indexed by search engines. The sites present on the deep web are therefore not referenced or findable via Google or other search engines.

Difference between deep web and dark web

It constitutes about 90% of the total internet content. A large part of it consists of pages that cannot be indexed by search engine algorithms. Pages with limited access (when authentication is required, such as a bank’s identification page), dynamic pages (when navigation hyperlinks are generated. on demand and differ from one visit to another), pages using certain computer languages, or specialized pages for connecting to connected objects.

These pages are therefore hidden not for reasons of illegality or illegitimacy, but rather to preserve their security and their privacy.

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