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The connection between the dark web and big criminal

The Internet plays an important role in our daily lives. It has become an integral part of all daily activities or lifestyles. The dark web is like an untraceable hidden layer on the Internet, usually used to store and access confidential information. However, there are many incidents that have reported abusing the platform to conduct criminal and illegal activities in a covert manner. In this article, an overview of the dark web and the various browsers used to access the dark web will be introduced. Dark Web Links are ready to use. Discussed insights into various aspects of the Dark Web, such as features, advantages, disadvantages, and browsers. It also outlines different types of attacks, exploits, and malware. Discussed different types of criminal activities and discussed incidents that occurred on the Dark Web so that readers can understand such activities and can take appropriate precautions against these activities.

The connection between the dark web and big criminal

Any type of crime involving secret transactions, whether it involves drugs, money, or even humans, can be carried out on Dark Web. The darkest corners of the Internet are just platforms for countless crimes, but the following are some examples of dark cyber crimes:

Hire Murders-The Besa Mafia website (and other similar sites) is a market for contract killings.

Extortion/Extortion-A scam involves threats unless the victim pays a certain amount of bitcoins, otherwise, they will post destructive photos (even if there are no such photos).

Illegal drug sales-the Silk Road is the most-watched example, but there are other examples.

Illegal weapon sales-It is estimated that tens of thousands of dollars worth of guns are illegally sold on the dark web every month.

Sex Trafficking-In 2015, the New York County D.A. Office used experimental Internet search tools to capture and prosecute the leaders of sex trafficking gangs.


If Dante wants to establish a circle today, traffickers, users, and abusers will betray the most brutal human vulnerable groups in the human trafficking scene on the dark web, which can easily accumulate to the tenth circle.

dark web links

The incredible debauchery and depravity witnessed here are really disgusting. Benjamin Faulkner of Canada is the owner of “Children’s Games,” a dark web child pornography site with more than 1 million personal data at its peak. The site showcased more than 100 pornographic producers who raped and cruelly treated children and filmed their abuse videos to attract pedophiles from all over the world.

After running the website for six months, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security captured Benjamin Faulkner and his associate Patrick Falte when they met in Virginia in October 2016. An erotic collection of 47,000 pictures and 2,900 videos. His assistant Falte used to be the administrator of “The GiftBox Exchange”, another dark web sites child pornography site, which was shut down by the authorities in November 2016. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment.

After the founder was arrested, in the remaining 11 months, the Queensland Police Service Task Force Argos took over the “Children’s Game” and secretly managed it as part of the “Operation Alemis”. Police officers Jon Rouse and Paul Griffiths of the Queensland Police Department pretended to be the creators of the website for 11 months, interacting with pedophiles and sharing information online, with the purpose of catching the perpetrators. This is part of Operation Artemis. In part, this is the result of a joint investigation by Australia, the United States, and the European authorities. The undercover operation identified 90% of users and arrested 1,000. Amnesty International also condemned these actions as “unacceptable under human rights law.” Ivar Stokkereit, the legal counsel of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Norway, said, “This is clearly a violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, even though the police’s motivation is to prevent new crimes in the long run.”

Dark Web Drug Marketer 

“For the past 15 years, the Internet has been promoting the sale of legal and illegal drugs, but when the first crypto market Silk Road 1 was launched in 2011, illegal drugs began to be traded in large quantities. The annual drug sales turnover is carried out through the encrypted market. The transactions are estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and most of them involve recreational drugs (such as marijuana, “ecstasy”). Before 2014, prescription drugs accounted for less than 10% of all cryptomarket sales. It is believed that the crypto market is mainly male. Young, educated, employed, and white.

“Since 2011, the use of automated software “crawlers” has collected the digital trails left by the crypto market through its online analysis. These crawlers have collected publicly available data hosted on websites. Researchers using digital trail analysis A large amount of data that can be used includes aliases and claimed country/region location drug sellers and the countries/regions they are willing to ship. According to each product list released by the seller on the market, the type, price and quantity of the drug can be determined as well as With customer feedback, researchers can use this data to track the growth of drug transactions through the dark web links, determine the overall size, composition, and geographic distribution. Researchers use customer feedback as a proxy to estimate the number of transactions generated by drug sellers. Income.”

dark web links

Illegal Weapons Seller

The dark web (an online network that is not easily accessible to the public) is a hotbed of illegal gun sales, which may not be shocking.

A study published in the journal Deviant Behavior last month showed that, surprisingly, almost all guns for sale can be legally purchased in the United States. This study shows that dark web customers maybe just trying to circumvent local gun control regulations. Once experts understand how these guns are moved, they may be able to intercept them and stop trading.

The proliferation and illegal international movement of guns and explosives throughout the world involves a series of interrelated issues. Despite efforts to control guns, entrepreneurial criminals have multiple ways to bypass international border controls and traffic in weapons. Despite strict gun control measures, this issue is particularly important for EU security.

One possible way is through the “black net”, which has many different online black markets that promote the sale of guns, weapons, explosives, and prohibited digital materials. The role of the dark web sites has become more and more important in recent years after being linked to the Munich shooting in 2016. In that match, a lone wolf terrorist used a weapon purchased on the dark web. These terrorist attacks have aggravated the general public concern that black nets are promoters and promoters of terrorists and organized criminals seeking guns. However, despite these concerns, little is known about the scale and scope of the weapons trade on the dark web.


Dark Web Now Corporate

It is as dark and dangerous as it used to be, but some changes have taken place in the way the dark web works, and IT buyers will be very familiar with it.

“Dark web” is an ominous term that conveys the impression that there is a market for everything: hacking tools, weapons, drugs, child pornography, and even freelance assassination services. According to the experts we spoke with, all of this is still true. But some changes have taken place in the way the dark web works. If there was a period of time when you risked buying these illegal items online, it was like taking your own life in a dark alley, your experience today would be very different.

dark web links

Take drugs as an example. Emily Wilson, Director of Analysis at Terbium Labs, said: “The best analogy I can offer a wide range of dark web drug products is that it’s like walking into a large supermarket for the first time, and this store is only in one store. Corner store shopping.”. “You can get almost anything you want from many suppliers, and all suppliers are competing to ensure that buyers’ products are the freshest, purest, safest, and most easily guaranteed high-availability products. People like to compare and contrast your writing. Upward, suppliers are incentivized to develop loyalty: “Check my new product for freebies”, or “Hey, sorry for the slow shipping speed, I offer you some extras.”

The dark web is no longer just a drug for companies. It is happening in full, and most of the experts we talked to wanted to talk about the various hacking techniques and covert technical services available. When hearing the details, it is difficult to avoid realizing that various criminals on the dark web are drawing clues from the company’s IT practices.

Just like corporate IT, illegal products in the dark web links cover codes that buyers must implement themselves to provide turnkey solutions and consulting services.

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The police do a better job of targeting actions on the dark web, which is part of the Internet and can only be accessed through special tools. This latest raid came after the Wall Street market was occupied last year, which was considered the second-largest illegal online market on the dark web.

Mr. Sileris said: “Law enforcement agencies are most effective when they work together. Today’s announcement sends a strong message to criminals buying and selling illegal goods on the dark web: the hidden Internet is no longer hidden, and your anonymous activities are no longer anonymous.”

FBI Director Chris-topher Wray said: “With the surge in opioid overdose deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that today’s announcement is very important and timely.

Darknet surveillance expert Digital Shadows researcher Kacey Clark (Kacey Clark) said: “This is another blow to organized cybercrime. Three years ago, the operation destroyed AlphaBay and Hansa markets, which made cybercriminals. Shocked because it led to many subsequent prosecutions because law enforcement agencies usually pieced together the evidence after a few months. Christopher Wray.

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